We help organizations leverage cloud native technologies to build and run scalable applications in dynamic private and hybrid cloud environments, enabling automated processes and systems that are resilient, manageable, and observable, empowering engineers to efficiently make high-impact changes frequently and predictably.

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Bringing the Cloud to You

Managing and hosting applications in on-premise infrastructure can be complex, costly and time-consuming. Public cloud platforms offer virtually unlimited scalability, flexibility, and increased security, all at a smaller operational cost. However, taking the leap and migrating to the public cloud is a massive undertaking, requiring specialized skills, and careful planning and execution.
We bring the cloud to your data center instead, so you can learn and migrate your applications at your own pace, in your own secure environment.

Private Kubernetes Cloud

Our engineers can help you take the first steps towards the public cloud by provisioning a secure private Kubernetes environment on top of your existing data center infrastructure.

Work with us on setting up your first on-premise Kubernetes cluster and

  • mitigate your risk by using your existing network and security policies. Extending your security perimeter to include the public cloud infrastructure is one of the biggest adoption challenges
  • learn and migrate at your own pace and soften the steep learning curve of acquiring the required highly specialized skills
  • manage your costs by using a familiar operation model and taking advantage of unused capacity in your existing infrastructure
  • enable seamless migration with a mature orchestration platform that works the same in both private and public clouds.

On-premise Kubernetes-Powered Data Platform

We can help you implement sustainable data engineering practices with modern open-source tooling running in your Kubernetes clusters.

Take advantage of our expertise to unlock the value in your data with

  • programmatic authoring, scheduling and monitoring of data pipelines
  • streamlined data discovery with data catalogs and search
  • simplified data governance to protect your sensitive data and ensure confidentiality and regulatory compliance
  • disposable on-demand data processing and analytics environments to enable cost-effective experimentation
  • improved cycle times to minimize the time and effort to turn a customer need into a product feature.

Cloud Readiness Assessment and In-place Modernization

Leverage our cloud readiness assessment framework to identify and implement the most effective migration path, and gradually move your workloads to your private Kubernetes cloud.

Enlist us to review and modernize your applications to cloud-ready shape and

  • improve application development processes
  • simplify application installation and deployment
  • reduce hosting costs
  • lower resource requirements
  • increase developer productivity
  • improve your application security posture.

Success Stories & Insights


We're extremely proud of our track record. Here are some of the words of appreciation from our clients.


As Responsive begins expanding into new regions, it is imperative that we work with partners who are experts in security, cloud architecture, and best practices for SOC 2 audits.

Our partnership with Aligned was essential for us to meet these technical objectives. We are excited to continue to partner with Aligned and would highly recommend Aligned to any business that wants to solve challenging architectural problems with a focus on security, scalability, and business growth.

Chris Sanford, CTO

XPO Logistics

Chris was a fantastic engineering and architecture partner. He spearheaded the architecture and solution design for a key component of our technology platform, and worked with our teams to build it from the ground up.

As a product manager, I admired Chris’ ability to understand and effectively communicate the vision and strategy of what we were building to the rest of the engineering team.

In addition, I greatly appreciated his ability to effectively and independently manage our development team. With Chris in charge, I always had confidence that we were making progress and working on the right thing.

Alyssa Myers, VP of Technology

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