How .Net Application Modernization Can Help Your Business Save Money

January 16, 2021

How .Net Application Modernization Can Help Your Business Save Money

Modern .NET application can offer a variety of advantages and bring your business processes up to speed.

To survive and prosper in times of turbulence, businesses need to find ways to reinvent themselves. Extending the portfolio, cutting costs, restructuring personnel and operations, or finding new avenues to reach their target customers, are all valid - albeit some of them rather unfortunate – options of trying to weather very difficult market circumstances, such as the ones brought by 2020.

But rather than downsizing and cutting costs or firing staff, there are other, more efficient ways of helping the business stay afloat and, hopefully, thrive. One of them is modernizing the old, legacy applications that are still in operation and require highly specialized - hence expensive – staff for maintenance. Instead of arcane applications in operation since the beginning of the internet, modern .NET application can offer a variety of advantages.

.NET App Modernization: Go To The Next Level With .NET In The Public Cloud

Latest releases of the .NET Platform are built with the public cloud in mind. .NET is a first class citizen in all major public cloud platforms (Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform). Modernizing your .NET application opens the door to moving your entire operation to the cloud, with all its benefits.

Lower development cost

The modern .NET application development ecosystem is better than ever. Between great variety of excellent tooling and libraries, the large talent pool of .NET developers, and the .NET support in every major public cloud platform, the efficiency gains in the development process result in drastically lower development costs.

Faster delivery cycles

Modern .NET applications are built as a system of micro-services: self-contained application modules that do one thing well. This results in decreased complexity of the overall solution, enabling faster iteration and experimentation.

Increased security

In the cloud, security is the shared responsibility of the cloud service provider and your IT department. The cloud provider is responsible with securing the infrastructure, while your employees are responsible with securing the applications. This allows your IT department to focus on value-producing tasks specific to your business.

High availability

Given the massive scale and global presence of the cloud, your modern .NET applications can be deployed in several availability zones around the world, closer to your customers.

Lower operational costs

Modern applications are faster and easier to maintain, with tools widely available at lower costs or oftentimes even as open source. In contrast to legacy software and applications, the modernized .NET solutions will cost your business less in terms of operating personnel. The elasticity of the public cloud makes it possible for your operational costs to closely track demand: scale down at night or over the weekend, scale up during working hours.

We have a team with combined decades of experience in creating and modernizing .NET applications, and we will be more than happy to share this knowledge with your team. Together, we can work to help your business grow, become more efficient and meet the ever-changing customer demands faster.

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